Gloss-It Concorso Gloss (16oz)

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Gloss-it's Concorso final finish has been a trade secret in the Gloss-it family for the past 10 years. Concorso Gloss has won more Best of Show trophies than any competing Carnauba wax available. Our flagship gloss offers the ultimate in depth, clarity, colour enhancement and brilliance. Concorso Gloss is safe for conventional clear coats, single stage paint, and Nano Ceramics.

Body shop safe! Concorso Gloss works excellently both by hand and machine. For unsurpassed results use our Gloss-it Dual Head Orbital Polisher with Gloss-it Blue Foam Finishing Pads. 


  1. Wash and clean vehicle paint finish with Gloss Car Wash Shampoo before applying Concorso Gloss.
  2. Check paint finish for any remaining contamination (tar, metal particles, or fallout). If contamination is found use our Gloss-it Clay Bar with Gloss Enhancer before applying Gloss Finish. Best results are achieved with Gloss-it Evolution Polish and Gloss Activator before applying Concorso Gloss.
  3. Shake well before applying Concorso Gloss on a cool and cured surface. Apply in shaded area and if possible avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Cyclo or Random Orbital Polisher Application:
    Apply bead size amount on each foam pad. Be sure to rub product into pads to help prevent slinging. Spread polish over the panel evenly with buffer turned off. When using polisher, start on top panels first then proceed to lower panels. Work orbital polisher in small 2' x 2' sections. Apply 2 to 5 kg of pressure then ease up pressure as imperfections are being removed. Use criss-cross pattern overlapping from vertical to horizontal direction. Buff until product is no longer visible and defects are removed.
    Side Note: For recommended speeds for Random Orbital polisher please download our polishing guide from or
  5. Use Gloss-it Ultra Plush microfibre towel and Gloss Enhancer to remove any additional residue.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally.