9H Ceramic Glass Coat kit

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Advanced technology paint protection for your car

Race Glaze 9H Ceramic is the latest and arguably the most innovative addition to our extensive car care and finishing products range.

Using advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating technology and chemistry followed by intense testing, Race Glaze RG-9H bodywork coating system adheres to you car’s original paintwork at a molecular level, giving it a ‘glass-like’ hardness, which provides exceptional resistance to scratching and damage that can last for up to 5 years.

Whereas natural and synthetic sealants both provide good protection, they have a considerably shorter life than RG-9H Ceramic and are vulnerable to acids found in insect and bird debris.

Professional results and a perfect finish

Created and formulated as a high quality professional grade product, RG-9H Ceramic is optimised for fast application by car owners who might not have used this type of coating before, but want high strength uncompromising protection for their vehicle in an affordable kit with an easy to follow application guide. It is entirely suitable for use by professional and budding detailers too, as well as car dealerships and bodyshops. Even if you have never used a true ceramic product previously.

A single coating is all that is required. Once cured your vehicle will enjoy a high gloss smooth finish that is resistant to fading, oxidisation, corrosion, scratching, solvents, UV, extreme temperatures, dirt and water.

Suitable for painted bodywork, chrome, alloy, stainless steel and side windows, as well as safe to use on all vinyl, stickers, plastics, mirrors, metals, chrome, headlights, rear lights - basically everything except rubber trim.

Quality and peace of mind

Unlike many products currently available, Race Glaze 9H Ceramic is not made in the Far East and is manufactured in an ISO 9001 quality assured and certified production environment.

RG-9H Ceramic can provide outstanding, long lasting protection for your vehicle and to achieve the best results, please ensure you read and familiarise yourself with the instructions.

The actual Ceramic product bottle is large by market standards - easily enough to coat 2 good sized cars. It is therefore excellent value.