Order Processing & Payment

Order processing and payment

Orders are processed in the UK and forwarded electronically to our Australian distribution depot. Payment is in AUS$ but your invoice sent with your physical products will show in GBP£, converted at the rate we receive it via our payment provider. This does not affect the price you pay. Your payment provider will show your payment in AUS$, and your electronically generated order confirmation will also be in AUS$.

As this is a UK export, there is no GST on or included in our prices, and no UK VAT.

You are buying from Race Glaze Ltd, a company registered and incorporated in the United Kingdom, and UK law and consumer protection applies to the sale.

Due to timing (the UK is 9 or 10 hours behind Australia), there will be a delay between your order being placed and our sales receipt being produced by our UK staff, and sent to you and our shipping dept. in Brisbane. This especially affects orders placed on Friday.