Race Glaze Spotless Water Filter (7 & 14 LITRE)

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We've all had to swiftly run round our cars to dry them before water spots form, which are very hard to remove and can badly affect paintwork. And try as you might, washing and drying will cause swirl marks and light surface scratching.

Existing in-line water filters are either very expensive or have incredibly short lives, and can waste the casing, which is very environmentally unfriendly.  This is the solution to water spots !

The Race Glaze unit costs 44 cents per litre, as supplied with its first fill of mineral-absorbing resin, and only 18 cents per litre with subsequent refills. (based on 300ppm water hardness - Australian water is usually much less harsh, so output volumes will be much higher/costs per litre lower).

The larger filter contains 14 litres of resin, but produces 2.75 times as much output water than our 7L unit, due to its more efficient shape. It is the recommended size of professional detailers, valeters and owners of multiple cars.

The proven Race Glaze Maxi-Filter uses a durable 11 bar pressure tested fibreglass tank ready filled with 7 or 14 litres of premium A1 grade resin (note: some budget filters use sharps - broken reject resin, or are only part filled) and comes ready for you to add standard connectors (not supplied but available on this website) to begin use immediately.

Mains water comes into the unit and is distributed out from the bottom strainer into the resin bed, rises under pressure through the resin bed and as its only outlet is into the top strainer and up the pipe, comes through the resin bed to emerge on the outlet side at 0 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved mineral solids. That's no dissolved minerals at all, so NO water spots can be created.

Using a hosepipe to wash a car uses approx. 30 litres of water, a final rinse only a fraction of that - we estimate 5-7 litres at most.

This is a breakthrough in filtered water product for car washing that is proving to be very popular.

We recommend that a final rinse is performed at half mains pressure, just sufficient to create a wave of water over the vehicle, and should be able to be completed in around 45 seconds for a standard family car, little over a minute for a 4x4. This is based on our own usage over the last 5 years.

This filter will therefore allow you to rinse your car approximately once a week for a year before requiring a refill in a hard water area. But contamination levels of water vary throughout Australia - most metropolitan areas in Australia have soft to medium water. which will result in much greater economy.  The most populated hard water areas in Australia are around Adelaide and parts of Brisbane. Its very soft (Melbourne) to hard in Adelaide.

  • Leaves no water spots even without drying off
  • Connects to your hosepipe or pressure washer effortlessly
  • Use to fully wash or just final rinse to reduce usage - the latter for best economy
  • The 7 litre capacity filter weighs 5kg, 50cm total height
  • The 14 litre capacity filter weighs 10kg, 1m total height
  • Produces 400+ litres of pure filtered water depending on local water hardness - much more in areas with hardness lower than 300ppm dissolved solids (so most Australian customers will achieve 600+ litres)
  • Supplied ready to use, pre-filled with resin
  • Refillable with new filtration resin granules - so much lower cost long term - A$89.99 for refills
  • Supplied filled with resin and 3/4" threads for male adapters for standard hosepipe fixings (adapters not supplied)
  • Refilling takes 5 minutes
  • No need to empty vessel of water between washes but advisable to run 2-3 litres through every 2 weeks in summer
  • Compared to 2 vessel filter systems available on eBay, ours produces approx. 3 time the volume of water for less money due to being fatter and taller. eg 10" x 4.5" dual system has approx. 630 cc of resin media, our 18" x 6" unit has 2,000cc. The Race Glaze unit is proven, made in Europe and much neater and simpler.
  • Have a look at our YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCIaB-i91Tg
  • View other YouTube videos produced by customers without our knowledge and totally independently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCIaB-i91Tg   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXuuEUaU83E

Australian reviews 

by Liam Kalas, Sydney, Australia, 24 December 2015

I’m absolutely loving my filter, now that Summer’s hit Australia it’s a godsend being able to wash in direct sunlight and heat without fear of waterspotting, plus it’s cut out the drying phase of my wash routine therein reducing the chances of marring.
Thanks again for the awesome service during my order

by Brenton Spear, Victoria, January 2022

I have the Race Glaze Spotless Water Filter in 7 litre, and its really great.


Most amazing gadget

by Garry Smith, Worcestershire, 16 October 2015
This is the single most amazing car cleaning gadget I have ever come across. My business partner has just bought one too. The reviews are true !

Brilliant - Amazing Product!

by Simon Spall, Norfolk, 03 March 2014

Used my water filter for the first time yesterday, and wow, this product is amazing. If you don't own one of these yet, do not hesitate, the results speak for themselves.
I was slightly sceptical, I just used the filter at the rinse stage (Pressure Washer), having washed the Discovery 4 in the normal manner, AutoGlym Shampoo and unfiltered water. I left the car to dry in the normal manner, unbelievable not a mark on it. I did leather the car off afterwards, just out of habit. The paintwork looks stunning almost glass like, the car looked like I had spent 2 hours waxing and polishing. This has to be the best item I have purchased in ages, I should of had one years ago.
Many, many thanks.


Simply Fantastic!!
by Daniel Cahill, Orpington, 30 June 2015
So the filter was delivered today, hottest day of the year so far, thought I'd give it a whirl on my jet black focus..... I must admit, I was apprehensive! No need to of been though, honestly I have never used a product so good!! The air temp must of been around 29 - 30 degrees, the paint work was even hotter and nothing, absolutely no water marks or anything, truly the best product I've brought as a detailing enthusiast! Excellent product and not to bad a price. Definitely worth buying!!!


Not one single water mark
by Arron Chandler, Folkestone, Kent, 11 August 2012
OK, so I used my filter for the first time today.....
Insect remover on the front end, 2 bucket method, filtered water in the rinse bucket, hot tap water with Auto Glym shampoo in the other.
Cleaned the car in stages - front/middle/back, rinsing very thoroughly with filtered water through a hose as I went.
It was a blazing hot day here today so I just left it to dry in the sun - usually a recipe for disaster.
Not one single water mark...........


Was sceptical but I was wrong!
by James Griffiths, Shropshire, 04 August 2018
I was very sceptical when I purchased this despite the good reviews. However, I was shocked at just how well it works.
Testing my tap water with the TDS showed our water was 233PPM. After running a few litres through the filter it showed 0PPM.
I've just washed the car as I would normally (pre-wash, 2 bucket etc etc) and only used the filter for the rinse stage at the end using an open hose. I'm literally shocked by the results. Absolutely no water spots at all.
Wish I'd purchased it sooner!!

Thank you
by Rory Burnett, Wiltshire, 05 May 2013
I used the Water Softener recently purchased from you today. It is 18-20 deg C full bright sunlight, 11:30 and I have just washed a black Mercedes SLK, rinsed
it off with the water softener and walked away,by way of testing.
The result is unbelievable, our water is very hard in Wiltshire, 300+ppm and there is not a single spot on the car! What a brilliant product, very many thanks



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    Race Glaze 7L Water Filter

    Posted by Mark on 14th Jun 2019

    What a Awesome compact water filter this is to do the final rinse after you have wash the car! You won’t disappointed if you buy this & the price is great. It is easy to set up & The best thing for me was the Company is the best to deal with. So if you are thinking about getting one don’t just get it! I just love it! 10/10

  • 5
    Race Glaze 7L Water Filter

    Posted by Mark on 14th Jun 2019

    What a Awesome compact water filter this is to do the final rinse after you have wash the car! You won’t disappointed if you buy this & the price is great. It is easy to set up & The best thing for me was the Company is the best to deal with. So if you are thinking about getting one don’t just get it! I just love it! 10/10