Water Filter Resin (7L)

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7 litre bag of top grade replacement resin for Race Glaze Maxi Water Filter.
Guaranteed first grade, new, A1 grade resin, not fines or mis-shapes.

This is sufficient to replace the resin in your 7 litre filter as originally supplied. It is also exactly the same product. For 14 litre filters you will need 2 bags.

When your filtered water starts to leave spots then simply unscrew the top of your filter and dispose of the old resin in your waste bin, rinse out the filter and empty this replacement bag of resin in. 
Do not let resin fall down the tube, which you have to leave in situ in the centre of the filter.. 

Tap the filter on the ground a couple of times when refilling as this will enable resin to settle down, and you can fill it right to the top (just allow enough for the internal head to seat properly). You may have a little resin left over.

If the top is tight, smear a thin film of oil (olive, sunflower) around it to make it easier next time.

Costs of the filtered water once you get to replacement stage are of course 55% less than the batch created by the original new filter, at approx. 18c./litre.

Replacement resin does have a lifespan of around 2 years.