AluBright Deoxidiser (500ml)

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A powerful acid-blend concentrated degreaser and restoration product ideal for cleaning and restoring metal parts on cars and motorbikes. A long favourite of Race Glaze customers as word has spread via users, forums and car club meetings.

AluBright dissolves rust and corrosion and removes white oxidation from steel, alloy and most cast metals within minutes. It leaves a bright, as new finish on dull grey engine blocks which you can seal in with JetLaq. So if you're rebuilding an engine or just taking one out it really lifts the finish.

Far more effective than most similar products, ideal for cleaning engine parts such as engine blocks, gearbox housings, turbochargers, pipework, cooling fins on motorcycle engines - anywhere you need to get back to the original finish. Cleans up rust on metal parts - brake discs, panels, components, anything.

Ideal for Concours preparation of engine bays where a quick spray and brush will remove white degradation easily.

Other uses:

a) brightens yellowed exhausts - stainless or titanium (spray, agitate, wipe off) - proven and tested on various Ferraris for instance (348, 360) - a really quick fix - every specialist should have some, as saves so much time polishing

b) removes limescale from bathrooms - taps, sinks, glass shower screens - paint or spray on, agitate for 1 min, rinse off - far more effective than Jif as it dissolves limescale rather than trying to polish it off. Quite a revelation !


Limited supplies of this product will arrive in Australia on 5 February 2020. Only pre-ordered bottles will be imported. Please order now !