Anti-Bacterial & Viricidal Cleaner 500ml

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A unique product from the car care market for current concerns. Product comes from clinical sources. Bactericide and Viricide.

In use as a spray and wipe (or even better, spray and leave) product for areas touched by the public such as counter tops, door handles, steering wheels, train and bus handles/grab rails, handheld devices, VDUs, supermarket trolley handles. Most effective if left to dry. Can be used on hands too. Ideal if you don't have access to soap and hot water eg professional drivers.

Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth at the microscopic level - kills Hepatitus, MRSA, salmonella, listeria, E-coli, (food poisoning), legionella (bacteria causing legionnaires disease) and aspergillus niger (mould). Its already in use in the National Health Service in the UK and kills 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.

Will it work on Covid-19 ? As its been impossible to isolate that and test against it, but the 2 main ingredients in the product are on the list of chemicals supplied by the UK Government in early March as suitable to combat its spread.

It is also currently used in mobile medical facilities to sanitise all surfaces from major infection and after the public have been treated in them.

When applied to products and surfaces, the active ingredients cause the functions of bacteria to break down, resulting in the prevention of bacteria and virus growth.

For any valeters who want to offer an extra clean service or protect themselves, people hiring cars, people with children or pets, people buying any second hand goods – many many uses. And well worth liberally spraying in current Covid-19 times.

500ml spray bottle

The price of this product is the same as at its introduction in 2010. Bottle types and labels may vary from image as we're struggling to keep up with demand.