Kenotek Anti-Insect Remover

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Kenotek Anti-Insect swiftly and effortlessly removes even dried on residues of insects from car bodywork and windscreens. Sun-baked bugs are notoriously difficult to remove so this is a very welcome product for every car owner and valeters arsenal. 

Its formula is specifically designed to break down proteins and contains NO caustic soda so is safe on paintwork. It is also wax safe, so won't remove wax.

Very easy to use - simply spray onto the bug splattered area before you wash your car, leave to work for a minute or two and wash or hose off.

Comes in a large 1 litre bottle with strong trigger spray and locking mechanism. No more scrubbing, soaking or picking insects out of your wash mitt. You do not need a pressure washer to remove the bugs with Kenotek Anti-Insect. An ordinary hose will do.

This product is security sealed for delivery, proven and tested.

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