Hindsight Plastic Window Restorer

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Most convertible cars with a plastic rear screen suffer from the problem of the screen turning milky, opaque, scuffed and unsightly. This reduces rear vision, increases the risk of an accident and detracts from the appearance of the car reducing its value. This can be easily and inexpensively corrected by using Hindsight Plastic Restorer, a unique, worldwide patented 2 stage product.

When Ford placed a StreetKa in the Sahara and left it for a year, this was the product which brought the sun dried, milky and pitted plastic rear screen to life.

Worldwide patented Plastic Screen Restorer, recommended by Ford and supplied to many other dealerships.

Hindsight has been tested on virtually every make of European sports car with outstanding results. Here is a Mercedes SL with half of the rear screen treated with Hindsight. Not only is the window much clearer but Hindsight also removes the line or bar which can appear across the middle of the screen.

'By far the best screen cleaning product I've tried', was editor Elliott's enthusiastic verdict after testing 'Hindsight' on his Elan's aged plastic. Classic & Sports Car magazine

'After about 30 minutes work the entire window came up with a superb finish.'  911 & Porsche World, testing on a 911

The product gives beautiful results on Mazda MX-5s, Porsche 911s and Boxsters, MGF & TF, BMW Z3 and M3, Mercedes SL, Ferrari F355 and 360 Spider, Rolls-Royce and also works superbly on Acrylic headlights and solid plastic windows e.g. on Morgans. Recommended by Ford for the Ka after extensive tests on a car left in the Sahara for a year. Use it now to prevent long term damage to your car and a hole in your wallet! [Read what users say here]

Check the benefits of using these products

  • Eliminate rear vision problems resulting in safer driving.
  • Increase the value and improves the cosmetic appearance.
  • Less expensive than a new hood or rear screen - it is always preferable to keep the original screen.
  • Protect from repeated flexing and the elements - frost, wind, etc.
  • Lubricate the screen, restoring plasticisers, keeping it supple - reducing the risk of splitting or cracking.
  • Provide a lasting finish.
  • The Hindsight No 1 Kit contains enough product to clean a screen 6 times. Treatments last around 12 months and take about 30 minutes to apply.


'Hindsight offers useful long term benefits.If you are restoring an older car then it would be worth spending the extra cash to bring back some flexibility and lengthen its life.' TOTAL BMW magazine

Just to thank you for supplying me your Hindsight product which I have just used on my Ferrari 430 Spider rear window.

What a result and saved me a fortune. Quoted silly money for a new screen and having done the magic with your product it is like new. FANTASTIC.!!!!!! Big thank you.

Harry Prew-Smith, Nottingham (June 2012)

Just a quick word of thanks - arrived this morning and was applied to the rear window of my 'old' MGF - superb results - I can now see whats going on behind me!

Guy Danner, Staffordshire, March 2017