Race Glaze Graphene Wax (50ml)

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Based on our highly-regarded 55 Wax, and a development of our nano Hybrid wax, Hybrid Blue, our new wax uses Graphene to enhance durability, shine and beading/sheeting behaviour.

The science:
Race Glaze Graphene Wax content contains nanoplatelet graphene, which forms a multi-layer cross-linked graphene sheet. This format gives superior tensile strength, with lower cross-link breaking tendencies compared to cheaper ingredient-based mono-layer applications.

You will find a excellent protective capability from this wax, including creation of mechanical, thermal (UV) and liquid barriers, with high abrasive and wear resistance. Thus – greater protection from environmental attacks on your paintwork, and excellent durability for your coating.

Preparation is not different to any proper wax application – it simply requires cleansed paintwork without residual glazes to allow the wax to bond fully with the paint surface. So if applied to a machine polished car, a wipe down with cleaners or Isopropyl alcohol is advised to remove residual oils. No need for heat lamps, UV light etc, though application in temperatures above 10 degrees without excessive moisture in the air (humidity) will give best curing results without hazing. Layering is recommended, though diminishing additional benefits will apply after 2 coats.

Worldwide launch by leading enthusiast magazine Practical Classics at the UKs NEC Classic Car Show in November 2021, on the 2nd oldest Marina Coupe in existence.

Sufficient for approx. 8 on an average sized car from this 50ml jar.


We will stock the 200ml jar in our Australian store if there is sufficient demand - please contact us if you'd like this.