G-Mitt synthetic car wash mitt

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Probably the best synthetic, microfibre/cotton blend machine washable car wash mitt you can buy. 

Its super fine premium microfibre is incredibly soft and totally suited to delicate car paint finishes.

They hold a large volume of water to enable a highly lubricated wash process and its deep pile encapsulates dirt, keeping it off the surface as you wipe over bodywork. Its easy to get around mirrors, in grilles and under door handles for a perfect wash every time.

Inside its lined, and thoughtfully includes a grip tag at the end so you cant drop it.

And that ability goes on and on - machine wash in a normal 40 degree wash every weekend for 10 years and by then you may need a new one.

Elasticated cuff to prevent slippage. 420gsm fabric weight.


Note that a virrtually identical mitt is sold by one of the Cermaic product companies, though does have their logo sewn on the cuff, which dramaticallyincreases its price..