OnePass Microfibre Car Drying Towel

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Superb high-tech alternative to chamois and flunkies, this waffle-weave large Drying Towel is winning plaudits every time its used and reviewed.

Soaks up a pint of water - just wrong out and continue to use, helps quick drying to prevent water drying on your car.

Our initial Australian stock sold out within 2 weeks !

  • Large 60cm x 60cm size dries an entire average sized car WITHOUT wringing
  • Dries completely in a single pass - no streaks, smears or drops left behind
  • Fully machine washable on normal load settings
  • No need to keep moist like a chamois - use dry
  • Waffle weave prevents accidental scratching from grit left on car
  • Brilliant on glass
  • Gets better the more its used
  • Easier to wring than chamois too, remark many retired customers