Signature Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt

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Premium large, ultra deep pile sheepskin wash mitt made in the UK from prime skins with really thick pile wool to cosset your paintwork. These are NOT the cheap Chinese light brown mitts you see in so many other places, and are made from 1 piece of skin, not many sewn together. 

Guaranteed the very finest sheepskin money can buy, only 2 breeds worldwide match the quality thresholds our supplier insists on and supply is intermittant due to this.

We have been supplying these for about 12 years and have far greater demand than we can meet.

These mitts are double sided, with a thick hide underneath which means the mitt keeps its shape and is actually waterproof for your first few dips into your wash bucket. It does NOT have a cheap 'mesh' on one side.

Oh, and they are less expensive than any of the other premium sheepskin mitts, plus they are huge - approx 30cm long, 20cm wide and 6cm thick (thats dense dirt absorbing pile not useless fluffyness)

Using a sheepskin wash mitt helps prevent swirls. Colours vary and orders will be supplied with random colours - we cannot guarantee particular colours.



I tested these mitts in my shop for 3 months before putting them up for sale. They have quickly become my best selling item here and two of the mitts I use regularly have over 200 washes on them and are still in fantastic condition. All the stitching is still intact and absolutely none of the sheepskin has come out as is the problem with so many other sheepskin mitts.


Just wanted to tell you that the wash mitt (signature series) I bought at the Aston Martin meeting recently at Burghley has exceeded all expectations.
I knew it would be good but it is so much better than anything I have bought before at twice the price.
Many thanks